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The typographical market is, undoubtedly, one of the most dynamic and complex markets in nowadays economy.
Our company main purpose is to gratify the requirements of our customers not only by providing qualitative and prompt typographical services, but also by permanently adapting to the modern economy various changes.
In this context, we speak about small lots production, but with large number of items, about the complexity of the process („dyeing” and bending of the paper, as well as special operations, for instance: UV varnishing, selective varnishing, plastics production, sticking), about the technical availability to join various materials (different kinds of paper and cardboard, plastic or metal), the package of services which join the product, from the modern economy perspective (consulting, design, financing, storage, transport).
We have put all these conditions at the base of our business as we aim to express our distinctive attribute in terms of difference, development, improvement and innovation.

Gabriel Niculescu